Don’t let your debtors disappear without a trace

Our specialist tracing service in the UK starts at just £75 + VAT with a No Trace No Fee service. Click here to go straight to the instruction form.

In the unlikely event of the traced address we provide being incorrect or out of date, you have our money-back guarantee.

We deliver results by email, fax and/or post rapidly (normally within 48 hours of instruction) and our invoice follows shortly thereafter. The invoice is due for payment at the end of the month following. This therefore gives you plenty of time to verify that the information we have provided is correct.

We trace around 50% of subjects. We interrogate up to 20 online, up-to-date databases and these searches coupled with discreet telephone enquiries with local sources give us the edge over our competition.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act: Z6551506

All of our searches are made in strict compliance with the Act.

Who do you want to locate?

  • 'gone away' debtors
  • companies
  • judgment debtors
  • absconding tenants

All traces are conducted professionally and Compliantly and we adhere strictly to all the current Legislation

Our team of expert tracers are fully trained, reliable and highly experienced. They are committed to leave no stone unturned in an effort to locate absconded debtors and missing persons.

We are purely a Tracing Agency. We don’t collect debts or provide any other service and we have the ultimate incentive to trace your subject quickly and efficiently because if we don’t trace - we don’t get paid!

To start tracing your debtors, simply click the button on the right and complete the form as fully as possible.

We will respond to you, usually within 48 hours.

Click below to start to trace a person or company.

We charge just £75+VAT for a positive trace and sometimes, with only relatively few details, we are still able to achieve positive results on around 50% of cases.

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